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About Bali Trekking Exploration

Suksma means thank you in Balinese. It is pronounced sook-sema. We are both grateful and humbled that you have chosen us to be your adventure guides while in Bali. We appreciate your interest in our culture and scenery so on behalf of all of us at Bali Trekking Exploration, Suksma!

Bali Trekking Exploration is conceptualized and managed by l Gede Redika and assisted by Kamu Darsana. We are native Balinese, fluent in English as well as other languages.

All our guides are licensed by HPI Bali, the tour guide association of Indonesia. We understand you have come a long way to enjoy the beauty and splendor of our captivating island and we do everything within our power to provide you with life-long memories that you can share with your friends and family back home.

Our Goals
We have only two goals:

  1. The first is to insure your safety throughout any tour or trek for which we are hired. Our guides are trained to watch for potential hazards and to know the physical limitations of our guests. By training our guides this way, and in basic first aid and emergency evacuation procedures, we are able to fulfill this goal.
  2. Our second objective is to exceed your expectations for fun and adventure, providing you with friendly and attentive service while you are with us. All our guides are experienced trekkers and know the history, culture and background of every trek, tour and location we take you to.

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Our Balinese Guides are All Trained, Licensed and Experienced – They’re Ready to Take You to New & Exciting Places

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